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Each and every one of us is exposed to thousands of advertising messages on a daily basis. In the street, at home or at work. Companies are using an immense range of media to sell their products or services.

In today’s increasingly globalized and competitive market, the message that reaches the consumer is not just the most creative. It is also the one that is there at the right time and in the right place. In London, Tokyo, Lisbon or even in a small town in the Brazilian interior, the advertising must be where the potential consumer is.

Ilimitada -Media Internacional was set up precisely with that in mind.

With Ilimitada - Media Internacional, you can be sure of whatever media it takes to launch your campaigns, in whatever country on any continent, with Press, Radio, Television, Outdoors, Internet support and so on. They are all within your reach and many of them are managed exclusively.

Ilimitada is recognized by the leading multimedia groups around the world who have entrusted us with the exclusive representation of their dossiers  for Portugal for over 17 years.

Working with Ilimitada means incorporating into your company a department that is specialized in international media with professionals who are able to advise, plan and organize your advertising anywhere in the world.

Now that you know who we are, when you are thinking of publicizing your products or services: think global, Think Ilimitada. 

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